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Free DVD backup software for Windows

DVD Shrink is a free DVD compression and digital backup program available on Windows. DVD Shrink can bypass encrypted DVDs plus save space by compressing the copied data. The new copy is stored on your computer, and with DVD burning software like Nero, you can create physical duplicates. You can also reauthor your DVDs to create compilations or save space by picking the parts you want to keep. 

Backup Compress and Reauthor DVDs

DVD Shrink lets you copy any DVD media from your physical discs to a hard drive on your computer or external hard drive and compress the data to save space. With the reauthor feature, you can choose which parts of the DVD to copy. In this way, you can save even more space by only copying the parts you want, or create compilations by taking media from multiple DVDs. 

Copied DVD content is saved in .VOB format, which you can then convert to other video formats using DVD Shrink or another video converter like Free Video To Audio Converter

DVD Shrink also comes with a built-in decryption algorithm to bypass any DVD encryption. Such encryption can prevent you from copying DVD media to your hard drive. 

Once you copy the media to your computer, and if you have DVD burning software like Nero, you can create backup DVDs. You can also use other DVD burning programs like Ashampoo, Wondershare DVD Creator, or AVI DVD Burner. 

Is DVD Shrink still available?

DVD Shrink is still available for free and works with Windows 10 operating system. While not officially supported, DVD Shrink could run on Windows Vista 7 and Windows 7

How do I digitize my DVD collection?

DVD Shrink can quickly digitize your DVD collection. First, you just download and install DVD Shrink, and then launch the program. You then insert the DVD you want to copy into your computer's DVD drive and close it. 

After that, you click on the Open Disc icon near the top-left side of the program. You select the DVD you want to use in the left pane, and DVD Shrink will start to analyze it over a few minutes. Once the process is finished, you'll see a list of media files available to copy. 

In the right pane, you'll see several options. The first lets you pick which video compression ratio to use. Automatic compression will cause DVD Shrink to compress the video, so it fits on a DVD5 disc. You can choose no compression, however, or use a custom ratio by moving the slider. 

DVDs often include extra files like audio tracks. Supposing you choose not to copy them, you can untick the box next to the item you don’t want to copy. When you're ready to start the backup process, you just click the 'Backup' icon located in the program's top center, which opens the Backup DVD window. 

Now, under 'Select backup target,' you choose your computer's hard drive. Then, under 'Select target folder for DVD output files,' you'll want to click on the output location and then  'OK' to start the copying process. If you want to save the DVD data to a new DVD instead, then you'll have to select 'ISO Image File'. This will create an ISO file you can burn later. 

Does DVD Shrink work with Blu-ray?

Yes. Since 2020, DVD Shrink has supported Blu-ray. You can copy media from Blu-ray discs as well as convert files to Blu-ray. The steps for copying a Blu-ray to a computer is the same as digitizing it. If you want to copy the Blue-ray to another DVD, instead of choosing your hard drive as the save location, insert a DVD disc. 

Here is the full list of file types the program works with: AVI, MPEG, MPG, VOB, M2TS, MTS, RM, RMVB, VOB, WMV, ASF, FLV, MOV, QT, MP4, MPEG4, OGM, 3GP, ASX, WMA, M1V, and M2V files. 

Convert DVDs to a range of formats

Thanks to a new feature that was added at the beginning of 2021, you can now convert video files into a wide range of formats, including mp4 and Avi:

  • AVI
  • MP4
  • MPEG4
  • Zune
  • iPod
  • Android
  • 3GP
  • Quick time
  • FLV
  • Windows media


Is it better to put pictures on a CD or DVD?

Saving images to a DVD is better as you can store five times as many images as possible on a CD. Backing up images to a physical disc, whether it's a CD or DVD, is a good idea in case something happens to your digital collection of photos. It also lets you create a copy to share with other people. 

Are there any DVD Shrink alternatives? 

A popular alternative is DVD Decrypter. Like DVD Shrink, it also has a simple interface to upload DVDs and can reauthor parts of the disc. You can choose to save the media files to your computer's hard drive or rip it to another DVD. 

UltraISO has a wide range of features and supports multiple file formats. Due to the complicated interface, though, it may take more time to become familiar with it. Likewise, ImgBurn is also a viable alternative. This program focuses on burning image files to discs, although it has been known to cause problems when burning large video files. 

Clever Compression to backup your DVDs

With DVD Shrink, you can save space by compressing your media files when backing them up or by choosing which parts to save if you don't want it all.

It's a useful tool if you like to make compilations as well. Unlike other backup and compression software, DVD Shrink has an easy learning curve thanks to its simple interface and straightforward setup. 

Use DVDShrink to backup all your favorite DVDs directly on your hard drive easily and quickly.

Use DVDShrink to backup all your favorite DVDs directly on your hard drive easily and quickly. DVD Shrink is a powerful software that works in conjunction with other DVD software to make backups of any DVD. DVDShrink enables you to compress DVDs while preserving existing DVD contents including menus, trailers, and subtitles, or choose to edit or remove those features completely. This software also supports multi-session DVD/CDs.

With DVD Shrink you get Perfect Backups of your Favorite Movies in your PC and it has a very user friendly interface!
Also we improved dvdshrink 3.2 version with more shrinking capacity and more features.From subtitles to menus, you can keep or get rid of anything that is not necessary. Reauthoring makes you save time and money. Our software is the only shrinking software compatible with windows vista 32 and vista 64 bytes computers. In the Dvd Shrink 2011 and 2012 version We have developed also

Anyone with the passion for Movies can enjoy DVD Shrink because DVD Shrink software enables you to backup DVD disks very easily. Shrinking a DVD doesn't get much simpler than this.


  • Simple to use with an easy interface
  • Can rip protected DVDs
  • Backup entire disk or selected parts
  • Save space with automatic compression


  • Not compatible with macOS
  • Requires additional DVD burning software

Program available in other languages

DVD Shrink for PC

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User reviews about DVD Shrink

  • nibaseke simon

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    easy to use and safe. i can use it banywhere from my home to my office

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    that program help me.
    Dvd is very nice program for dvd copy right program
    I love this program en copy dvds only for me

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    It's comfortable one..
    This software is very simple and comfortable one for me.
    And every user shuold be take it while playing DVD nedia.

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    is the best.
    it duz what i need everytime
    i will always recommend it to everyone

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    Awesome! Great way to watch movies.
    I have been using DVD Shrink for years. Instead of playing my videos using the DVD drive, I can copy the DV More

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    Excellent Program, worked so much better than expected! :D.
    This is fantastic! I copied over all of my DVDs that took up rooms of space, onto a  More


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