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Help & Info about DVD Shrink for windows

  • What is DVD Shrink?

    A freeware application for Microsoft Windows for backing up DVDs to computer. The software extracts (known as "ripping") the video from a DVD disc and converts it a digital file so that it can then be stored on a computer, providing back up against the disc being damaged or lost.
  • Is DVD Shrink Free?

    This is a freeware application, so yes it is free. Freeware is a license under which software can be released completely free of charge while allowing the developers to retain copyright of any proprietary software, meaning it would be illegal to reverse engineer, modify, or resell without the author's permission.
  • Is DVD Shrink Safe?

    This application has been around for some time, and has been quite popular. This means that, while the legitimate software itself is perfectly safe, downloading it from anywhere other than the official website carries a risk of picking up malicious software. Always exercise caution when download executables from the Internet.
  • Does DVD Shrink Remove Copy Protection?

    The app can indeed remove copy protection from DVDs. However, it should be noted that it has been a number of years since the app was last in active development, and so some more recent DVDs with updated copyright may be beyond the ability of this app to successfully remove.
  • Does DVD Shrink Convert to MP4?

    DVD Shrink is a very focused, single purpose application. As such, it does not have the ability to do a number of things, including converting the resultant decrypted and shrunk DVD files into MP4. There are a number of applications that can be used in conjunction, however, to achieve that result.
  • Does DVD Shrink Work on Windows 10?

    Though the application can be used under the Windows 10 operating system, it has not been supported or actively developed for some time. This means that, while you can get it working, there is no guarantee it will continue to work, or that it will work well under the newer OS.
  • Does DVD Shrink Remove Region Code?

    The app can, with the simple click of a checkbox prior to backing up a DVD, remove regional protection from the resultant files. This type of restriction prevents DVDs from a particular region being played in a different region where, for example, the theatrical release might not have happened yet.
  • Does DVD Shrink Work With Mac?

    Unfortunately, this application is available for the Windows platform only. There are alternative applications available on the Mac, of course. It is also possible to run Windows on a Mac system using Boot Camp to easily dual boot between the two different operating systems. There is no native application, however.
  • Does DVD Shrink Work With Blu Ray?

    As the development for this app stopped some time ago, support for backing up Blu Ray discs was never added. Blu Rays are not simply higher capacity DVDs; they are an entirely different media with different file structures and more advanced copy protection. Other more recent applications can backup Blu Rays.
  • Does DVD Shrink Have Viruses?

    DVD Shrink itself is a perfectly safe and legitimate program. However, as it is a popular application that is no longer in development, there are many unofficial versions of the app around that contain malicious software, or try to trick you into paying for the freeware application. Always be cautious when downloading from third party sites.


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